Vader OG (AAA+)

Vader OG by Ocean Grown Seeds is the namesake strain of one of OGS’s master growers, Vader. This cross began in 2006 with the combination of SFV OGand Larry OG, and evolved over a laborious process of identifying the best phenotypes to breed forward. By 2009, Vader OG had become a mainstay of the Ocean Grown Seeds roster and gave way to several new OG crosses. The terpene profile is rich with pinene, spice, and hash. Vader OG’s effects are euphoric while remaining strongly indica-dominant, locking consumers to their seat. Its effects are ideal for curbing pain and stress, but may also be used as a sleep aid in the proper dosage. 

Created in 2006, Vader OG (also called Vader Kush or Darth Vader OG) is a prized cultivar of Oregon’s Ocean Grown Seeds. Sometimes called Darth Vader OG, a nod to Star Wars fans, this indica-rich strain is a cross between SVG OG and Larry OG.

Like Darth Vader himself, users might beam over to the dark side with a deep spacey feeling accompanied by intense relaxation. THC levels as high as 30% ensure a powerful rush after a few short minutes of smoking.

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