Blackberry OG (AAA+)

Blackberry OG is a hybrid strain that combines the fruity, mid-level sedation of Blackberry with the gently stimulating but overall subdued OG Kush. This strain’s unique aroma of sweet fruit and spice makes it a favorite for consumers with diverse palates. The effects are moderate on the physical and mental front, showing up as a warm haze in the mind and lightness in the body. Blackberry OG lends itself to curbing minor physical discomfort and numbing the mind to repetitive tasks.

Blackberry OG, also known as Black Berry OG, is an Emerald Triangle combination of Black Domina with Very Berry and Last Coast OG Kush. However, many online sources refute this and say the genetics are Blackberry and Afghani or Blackberry with OG Kush. No breeder has stepped forward to claim this genetic combination.

Emerald Triangle's version of the strain features a sweet, candy-like aroma with matching berry flavors.

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